Upload Yearbook Pictures

We have a fantastic school year ahead of us, with so many memories to cherish!  As we anticipate the memories, friendships and special times ahead, we’re also looking forward to one of our favorite traditions—the yearbook.
The Yearbook Committee needs your help to make this the best yearbook ever!
Please help us by sending us the pictures you take throughout the school year.
To help make this process easier for everyone, Lifetouch has a Community Image upload site for our ICS families.  You can use this site to submit candid school photos for consideration in the yearbook.
To submit your photos to the yearbook staff, go to community.lifetouch.com and register with the following access code for ICS:
Community Image Upload Site Access Code: OKGAZF
Once registered, you will receive an email from Lifetouch with an activation link. You must click the activation link before you can log into the Lifetouch Community Image Upload site.
  • Upload 5 images at a time (10 mb or smaller).
  • Enter a description and identify as many of the students you can for each image so the yearbook staff can easily identify what is happening in the photo.

Thank You for sharing your memories!